Start off on the right foot.

No matter what your first step is.

Every organization’s plans for video are unique. But whether you’re recording classrooms, keynotes, or conference calls, there’s one thing everyone wants: absolute, total certainty that the technology will work. With Panopto, you won’t have to guess. Implementation training comes standard.

“Panopto's service has been superb. The help we've had setting up Panopto and answering our questions has been terrific. This is probably the most responsive support team we have worked with.”

Dr. Waldemar Kowalski, Northwest University

Already have video equipment? Great.

Don't? That's okay too.

If you already own the laptops, cameras, and other tools you'll need for video, Panopto's customer success team can help you plan to make the most of those assets. And if you are planning to invest in new video equipment, we can help there too with custom equipment recommendations for just about any kind of video initiative.

“Essentially, Panopto is running itself. From a technical point of view,
it requires very little support once set-up.”

Adam Read, Senior e-Learning Technologist
University of St Mark and St John

From hands-free to hands-on.

Choose your own implementation plan.

Prefer to take the lead when rolling out new technology internally? Panopto can make you the expert, as well as provide any support you need.

Rather have Panopto work with team members more directly? Our customer success team can offer onsite implementation and training options.