There’s only one way we can open today’s post:

Thank you, Graham Robinson.

Graham is an eLearning Specialist at the University of Southampton in the UK, a post that involves, as he puts it, “doing media streaming, lecture capture and other fun and exciting things.”

A coder after our own hearts, we’re indebted to Graham both for his support of Panopto at Southampton, and for his tireless efforts as part of the developer community to create working samples of all the actions possible with the Panopto API.

In what we hope counts among the fun and exciting things Graham works on, he’s now shared his documentation and samples for 15 Panopto API applications, all available under the GNU General Public License at

Included in Graham’s rundown are a dozen essential activities — all with supporting code and step-by-step instructions.

Panopto’s API was created to allow anyone to customize and extend our video platform to meet the needs of existing processes and infrastructure. Free, documented, and fully open, the Panopto API makes it possible for anyone coding in any language to programmatically import videos, schedule live webcasts or record recurring meetings, manage users and permissions, change video properties, perform custom analytics, and much more.

Graham Robinson - Panopto Video Platform API Documentation
As with any API, we’re happy to support an active community of users and developers — on our API Forum, on our GitHub page, and individual technologists like Graham.

The work of the community helps make video better, easier, and more valuable for everyone.

So one more time — Thanks, Graham.


Published: October 08, 2014